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Our Approach

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Our Approach

Angel IP is a boutique IP law practice providing clients with advice in all areas of intellectual property legal services, as well as commercial disputes in non-IP areas.

We provide all round legal advice in IP, combining classical patent attorney services in patent prosecution and global patent protection, with litigation, arbitration, contractual and licensing matters, as well as clearance opinions on third party rights.

Patents provide indispensable protection for your valuable ideas and represent a vital step during product development and before market entry. Research and development are expensive activities and you need to know that your innovation and the return on your investment will be protected in the market place.

Innovators have different objectives when obtaining patent protection: for some it is to develop the product themselves; for others it is license out; and for others still it is to facilitate an early exit by selling the patent. Whatever the eventual goal, the aim of all innovators is to ensure the patent enshrines the value of the invention and gives the best return on investment.

IP is a complex area of law demanding not only good legal and technical skills but also a strong sense of commercial value. Our expertise at Angel IP allows us to aggregate the necessary skills and obtain better patents.

It is our view that by approaching your innovative ideas with the combined mindsets of a patent attorney and a patent litigator, the resulting patents are more robust and resilient than those drafted by competitor firms. Above all, we seek to obtain patents which achieve maximum commercial value, by understanding the market and the relevant commercial landscape. Your innovation, and maximising the value in the ensuing patent, as a commercial asset, is the central philosophy behind Angel IP’s service.

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