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Applying for Patent Protection?

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Applying for Patent Protection

The requirements and the procedure for obtaining a patent are not simple and professional advice is always recommended to avoid errors and minimise risks. Angel IP provides a complete patent application service, from drafting the application to patent grant, covering every stage of the application procedure.

Care must be taken to avoid disclosing the invention before the application is filed.

The initial draft is extremely important for the success of the application and the value of the grant patent may depend on how well it is researched and drafted. This draft is also important as it is often used as a basis for further filings in other jurisdictions. We have extensive experience in drafting and filing patent applications.

The basic requirements for a patent to be granted are that the invention be novel, inventive and industrially applicable. Certain subject-matter is not patentable.

The patent applicant is required to disclose the subject-matter of the application sufficiently for a person skilled in the relevant field to be able to carry out or perform the invention. Some time after the application is filed, it is normally published by the patent office, to ensure that technical disclosure may be disseminated to the public.

Good research can assist in determining the state of technology relevant to the invention. After the initial filing there may be exchanges between the patent authority and the attorney before an acceptable patent is agreed.

Our own patent prosecution work is focused primarily on Europe, but we work with IP professionals around the world to provide international patent protection to our clients.

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